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The CC Framework Explained

Introducing The 8 Character Champion Practices Of The

CC Framework For Life-long Social Emotional Education

to "Level Up" Your Character For Success and Wellbeing.


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1. Seek knowledge practices by continuing to learn about yourself and others to enhance wellbeing. (The Green Factor)

2 Share kindness practices to feel and show empathy for self, others, and community. (The Blue Factor)

3. Take responsibility to practice making responsible decisions for self and others. (The Gold Factor)

4. Show courage practices and leadership to gain the ability to set and achieve positive goals for self and others.  (The Orange Factor)

5. Use calmness, polarity balancing and resiliency practices to understand and manage emotions for self and others.                             (The Purple Factor)

6. Understand the importance of brain and body practices to be in the best mindset needed for success and wellness. (The Red Factor)

6. Apply restorative growth practices to establish and maintain positive relations with self and others. (The Silver Factor) 

7. Work, play and live together practicing mutual respect and compassion for self, others and teams in a spirit of unity. (The  Synergy  Rainbow  Factor)