Cindy Yan Fu is a Licensed Educational Psychologist who has been working in California Public school system for over 25 years. She also serves as a board member of Character Champions Behavioral Health & Wellness, Character Champions Foundation and a local private K-8 school. Ms. Fu has two USA master’s degrees in education and in cognitive and school psychology. Additionally; she is a USA certified NLP Practitioner. As a well experienced school psychologist and Licensed Educational Psychologist, Cindy serves as a Character Champions “coaching bridge” between USA and China, by teaching and practicing positive psychology in both countries for many years. Her dream is to help people see the value of learning and using positive psychology tools so that it creates international harmony. 

Erika Walkingstick

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Erica WalkingStick is an author, editor, and essayist who’s numerous works employing Temperament Theory and the True Colors model have been used by millions of workshop participants and readers in K-12 education and in organizations such as Google and Amazon. Her autobiographical essay, “Spring 1974,” was included in “Kay WalkingStick:   An American Artist,” the exhibition catalog for the artist’s  retrospective at the National Museum of The American Indian, published by Smithsonian Books. She is the co-author and co-illustrator of the childrens coloring storybook "Character Champion, Character Champion - What Do You SEE". Her forthcoming co-authored book, “Braving the Hurdles:  The Courage to Learn  Differently” will be published in November 2020. Erica WalkingStick is a registered member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

Dr Lauren Costine, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Supervisor & Board Member

Yisraela Hayman, M.A. - LMFT

 Marriage & Family Therapist


Dr Diana Ketterman, PhD

AKA Dr. K. - Educational Psychologist





Listen to your inner coaching team. 
Who are the parts inside us?
We use a team approach to help you be the driver in your own life so you get yourself to where you want to go.

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 Dr. K. is a licensed educational psychologist with more than 40 years’ of   experience working in schools and private practice, who shares her expertise internationally with families, school districts, hospitals, churches, civic/business organizations, community colleges, and universities.  Author of several books about individual differences, parenting and life-long success, Dr. K. and friends are passionate about sharing the value of Character Champions for building compassionate communities and making the world a better place.  Whether you are 3 or 103, you can discover the secrets of the CC Code and S.O.A.R. in ways you have never dreamed of.  Come learn with us the tools you need to spread compassion—not Covid-19—in fun, interactive, and useful ways.


Yisraela Hayman has been practicing in private practice as a Licensed   Marriage & Family Therapist for the past 11 years and is passionate about making the world a better place. She is the mother of four adult children who are 32, 30, 27 & 22 years old. Her little therapy pup “Amora”, often joins in sessions and provides her clients with that little extra bit of warmth, licks and love that is so often needed to assist clients in their healing journey. Yisraela also is dedicated to nurturing the development and training of future therapists, and in that capacity has been working as a supervisor for Grow UR Potential and other agencies for the past 7 years. 

She is on the board of Character Champions Behavioral Health & Wellness which is a non-profit dedicated to helping educate and empower people to create psychological wealth by understanding themselves and others better. The aim is to help people transform their relationships and bring the world just a little bit closer to achieving world peace. Her web address is

Dr. Lauren Costine is a licensed psychologist, relationship coach, consultant, author, educator, activist, and international speaker. Dr. Costine has dedicated her life to helping people find wholeness within themselves through the dynamic world of inner work. She has a private practice in West Los Angeles and Woodland Hills and has been using telehealth in her work for years. She is currently working on her second book about Internalized Misogyny and How to Heal the Trauma of Growing Up in a Sexist World. She is also on West Hollywood's Gay and Lesbian Advisory Board serving the City of West Hollywood. Her most recent passion is her podcast which she cohosts with community activist, Alana Roshay called The Consciousness Salon where they look at social justice issues from a psychological lens. Her website is