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Coaching you to coach yourself, with compassion for yourself & others.

Join us as we co-create compassionate social and emotional learning communities using Character Champion Skills!

Character Champions Behavioral Health & Wellness

is a 501(c)(3) - Non -Profit Organization


310-388-7779 / 909-732-6224

Find Out Our Latest Practical Tips, Tools & Strategies on How to "LEVEL UP" Your Life and Achieve Your Goals  

The Character Champions Foundation and Character Champions Behavioral Health and Wellness deliver robust, sustainable initiatives for individuals, communities, schools, and families, to improveinterpersonal relationships and well-being.


All of our coaching and instructional programs begin by discovering and learning abour your unique set of dominant character strengths and preferences. This is called your prefered Character Qualities- your "CQ."


By taking our free evidence-based CQ Survey you can receive, at no cost, a personalized self-awarenes report based on your CQ scores.So why not take it, share it, and encourage others to discover the usefulness of the CQ survey and then compare your results.  We can increase our self/other-understanding and communication skills starting today if we make the effort!

Are you ready to "level up" your

character?  You'll discover that it's the compassionate part of you that allows you to change, grow, and adapt to life's challenges in ways that benefit both you and others.


Your compassionate "Champion" self can be a healing force in your life and in the world.  You can learn to retrain your brain to choose the principles of compassion for yourself and others.  When you do this, you'll manifest in the world as a Character Champion leader.


Character Champions Behavioral Health And Wellness         


Challenges You To:

Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese

Compassion (verb)

To recognize the suffering of self and others with the willingness to take needed action to alleviate pain.   

We do this by showing courage, taking responsibility, seeking knowledge, and sharing kindness.                   

Learning to work, live, and play together using mutual respect and synergy we prosper united in a spirit of compassion.

Our Community Vision

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